Welcome to Tothaven

At Tothaven you will meet an abundance of fun and cute animals and their babies. Tothaven is home to the rare kunekune pigs, mangalitza pigs, donkeys, ponies, Indian runner ducks, turkeys, cats, rabbits, chickens and dairy goats.

Experience the farm at your own leisure. Jump in the hay, relax in a hammock and pet the many cute baby animals.

You are also welcome to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee and handmade ice cream bars from Tothaven’s farm dairy at our cosy café. Here, you can also browse through our selection of homemade goat cheeses, goat milk soaps, beeswax cream and other treats produced here at Tothaven.

Tothaven is open from Easter to the autumn break during weekends, bank holidays and school holidays between 2 pm and 5 pm (with the exception of Mondays during the summer holiday).
The entrance fee is 50 DKK (children under 2 years of age enter for free).